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Friday, February 23th 2018

Today is the 54th day of 2018.  There are 311 days left in this year.

What Happened On This Day In History?

1822 Boston was granted a charter to incorporate as a city.
1836 The siege of the Alamo began in San Antonio, Texas.
1839 William F. Harnden organized the nation's first express courier service, operating between Boston and New York City.
1847 U.S. troops under Gen. Zachary Taylor defeated Mexican Gen. Santa Anna at the Battle of Buena Vista in Mexico.
1861 President-elect Lincoln arrived secretly in Washington to take office after an assassination plot was foiled in Baltimore.
1863 Lake Victoria, in Africa, was proclaimed to be the source of the River Nile by British explorers John Speke and J. A. Grant.
1870 Mississippi was readmitted to the Union.
1886 The electrolytic process for manufacture of aluminum was invented by Charles M. Hall.
1893 Rudolf Diesel received a patent in Germany for the engine that bears his name.
1898 Writer Emile Zola was imprisoned in France for his letter "J'accuse" in which he accuses the French government of anti-semitism and the wrongful imprisonment of army captain Alfred Dreyfus.
1905 The Rotary Club was founded in Chicago, Illinois by Attorney Paul Harris.
1919 Benito Mussolini founded the Italian Fascist Party.
1927 President Coolidge signed a bill creating the Federal Radio Commission, forerunner of the Federal Communications Commission.
1945 During World War II, the U.S. Marines captured Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima, Japan, where they raised the American flag.
1954 The first mass inoculation of children against polio with the Salk vaccine began in Pittsburgh.
1974 The Symbionese Liberation Army demanded $4 million more for the release of Patty Hearst.
1991 President Bush announced that the allied ground offensive against Iraqi forces had begun. (Because of the time difference, it was already the early morning of Feb. 24 in the Persian Gulf.)
1995 The Dow Jones industrial average closed above the 4,000 mark for the first time, ending the day at 4,003.33.
1996 Dutch tourist Tosca Dieperink, 39, was killed in a holdup at a Miami servicestation. Two men later pleaded guilty to the slaying and were sentenced toprison.
1997 Scientists in Scotland announced they had succeeded in cloning an adult mammal, producing a lamb named "Dolly."
1997 Ali Hassan Abu Kamal, a Palestinian teacher, opened fire on the 86th-floor observation deck of New York City's Empire State Building, killing one person and wounding six others before shooting himself to death.
1998 Tornadoes in central Florida killed 42 people and damaged or destroyed some 2,600 homes and businesses.
1999 A jury in Jasper, Texas convicted white supremacist John William King of murder in the gruesome dragging death of a black man, James Byrd Jr.; King was sentenced to death two days later.
1999 Serbs agreed in principle to give limited self-rule to majority ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, thereby temporarily heading off NATO air strikes, but during their talks in Rambouillet, France, the two sides failed to conclude a deal for ending their yearlong
1999 The first of two avalanches that claimed 38 lives over two days struck in Austria.
2000 Carlos Santana won eight Grammy awards, including album of the year for"Supernatural," tying the record set by Michael Jackson in 1983 for mosttrophies in one night.
2006 The one billionth song was downloaded from the iTunes Music Store.

Born on this day

1685 Composer George Frideric Handel was born in Germany.
1868 W.E.B. Du Bois (William Edward Burghardt Du Bois), American historian, sociologist, and civil rights leader, founder of what became the NAACP.
1939 Peter Fonda, American actor.
1944 Johnny Winter (born John Dawson Winter III), American blues guitarist, singer, and producer.

Died on this day

1848 The sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams, died of a stroke at age 80.
1965 Stan Laurel, the "skinny" half of the Laurel and Hardy comedy team, died in Santa Monica, Calif.
1990 Former Salvadoran President Jose Napoleon Duarte died at age 64.
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